the neuht

The Neuht is Eden Staplefoote

The Neuht is an electronic music act based on modular music synthesis that is dedicated to the creation of an ultra-stylized unconventionally modern sound. 

The Neuht was started at the Art Institute of Seattle as a study in the application of 'color' by Eden Staplefoote. Thus, the music of The Neuht, has a very imaginative, neuroleptic feel. 

The music styles of The Neuht include Drum & Bass, Seapunk, EDM, Acid, Dubstep, Indie Pop, and Funk. 

The Neuht currently resides in the Sun City region of El Paso, Texas. 

 Eden Staplefoote is a graphic artist, musician and writer. Eden Staplefoote produces and performs original content for the bands' Tempo Machyne, Amerika VIgilante, and most recently THE NEUHT. Eden Staplefoote is also the founder of the media company Genultra. 

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As we feed our hungry death blessed or damned, we find our end - The Neuht

As we feed our hungry death blessed or damned, we find our end - The Neuht

Interview with the neuht

NADM: So what ushered you onto the path of electronic music?
The Neuht: Well first before anything else there was Parliament, Funkadelic, The Brides of Doctor Funkenstein and this whole rich fantasy world of sound created by the legendary George Clinton, that was a great influence!  But it wasn't until I heard the way synths were being used in alternative electronic groups like My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Vorgruppe, Yukihiro Takahashi and Mylene Farmer, that I got that inkling that maybe this was something I could actually do. Yukihiro Takahashi and Clan of Xymox, and pretty much anything from the label 4AD based out of the UK were also big influences of mine.
NADM: Interesting, Clan of Xymox, Yukihiro Takashi, those are names I hav'nt heard in awhile. You also have a dizzying array of punk and alternative rock bands on your web site. Were you influenced by those bands?
The Neuht: Yeah! I admire the defiant spirit. I am trying to do something that is not so encouraged, so I need a little dissonance to keep me unhinged and steady with my own my peculiar projects. My music has a very sub-alternative aspect to it, it can be very dark, very defiant.
NADM: Not to change the subject but I love your mantra -YOU CAN'T DO THIS, YOU CAN'T SAY THIS, YOU CAN'T THINK THIS -OR ELSE.... It's a bit agro if I must say.
The Neuht: Yup, that's mine! I always have to challenge that "OR-ELSE'. I hate being controlled by my fear of anything especially social norms or peoples opinions of me. Sometimes, well actually most of the times, it seems the overwhelming intent of society is to punish people who speak truthfully, ridicule people who do exactly what it is that makes them feel good. What's wrong with living your truth and feeling good about it? In my life I have seen people like that hunted down, attacked on every moral and social front, and all but turned into pariahs. It sucks that society is still so tribal, and there are still all these unwritten unspoken rules that you are expected to yield to.... It reminds me of what both The Matrix and that movie Inception alluded to, it's like you are in this artificial construct trying to do your own thing, and as soon as the construct realizes you are not plugged in, the organic dwellers of that construct turn on you and either try to assimilate you like in The Matrix, or destroy you like in Inception. It's symbolic. Being an artist, I kinda feel a little like that all the time, like no matter where I go, or what I do, once people realize that I am not plugged into their ideals, paradigms or ambitions they are going to try something to put me back in order. So yeah! that's why I always challenge that "OR ELSE".

NADM: Yeah and to think that people are so content and passive in an age of such hyperbolic expanses in technology, medical and social science.

The Neuht: Well I don’t really know what you mean by that. 
NADM: So what is next for you in 2017, your current project NOeMAD is out there in a very distinct direction?  How do you think consumers and fans will react?

The Neuht: Wait for it...LOL!