The Neuht 

The Neuht is an electronic music act based on modular music synthesis that is dedicated to the creation of an ultra-stylized unconventionally modern sound.

The Neuht was started at the Art Institute of Seattle as a study in the application of 'color' by Eden Staplefoote. Thus, the music of The Neuht, has a very imaginative, neuroleptic feel. 

The music styles of The Neuht include Drum & Bass, Seapunk, EDM, Acid, Dubstep, Indie Pop, and Funk. 

The Neuht currently resides in the Sun City region of El Paso, Texas.

 Eden Staplefoote is a graphic artist, musician and writer. Eden Staplefoote produces and performs original content for the bands' Tempo Machyne, Amerika VIgilante, and most recently THE NEUHT. Eden Staplefoote is also the founder of the media company Genultra. 

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You cant do this. You cant say this. You cant think this -OR ELSE.... I always have to challenge that or else.

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