Mandy Madison

is an  American singer, model and astrophysicist. Mandy Madison was born in Montreal Canada, on October 13, 1995 to a Canadienne Mother. She emigrated to Baltimore, Maryland in the United States at seven, where she discovered her love of contemporary gospel music. At seventeen, Mandy Madison was signed by the Christian pop music label Angel Heart and became an instant Christian pop music icon. 

The Mandy Madison Xymotic Love tour is the premier of Mandy Madison's transition from Christian pop music to her current sub-alternative Hip Hop genre. The Mandy Madison brand centers on niche sexuality, sub-culture, and the ethos of evolved personal identity. Mandy Madison uses controversy and acts of defiance to inform and transform.

Attention à vos Yeux !

'Watch out for your eyes!'

Mandy Madison's Xymotic Love tour is the flagship of Mandy Madison’s rebrand from contemporary Christian Pop to alternative Hip Hop. Mandy Madison is a niche brand that targets alternative lifestyles, or what Mandy Madison evokes as Omega Culture. The apocalyptic nature of Omega Culture highlights human evanescence and social fragility following an unprecedented world pandemic, in which the impetus of self-isolation and avoidance of human contact has become a trend -hence the concept of zymotics for Mandy Madison's Xymotic Love Tour. 

The Xymotic Love Tour Thematic Elements

The zymotic-themed tour focuses on sexuality and human contact and the present-day danger that exists therein following a worldwide pandemic. Studies prove that sex will not necessarily sell a product (Wirtz, 2017), but it can attract attention to a product or idea. The core influence for the design theme of the Mandy Madison Xymotic Love Tour is to employ organically occurring design structures found in nature that support the notion of identity, transition, aesthetically universal beauty, sex, and mortality (Treffert, 2015). Organic design structures are memetic in that they are familiar at some level to most populations, which lends to their virality in creating connections. 

Mandy Madison employs organic design elements for The Xymotic Love Tour to strategically super-humanize, not sexualize, the Mandy Madison brand (Sorrow, 2024).  In tandem, futuristic, apocalyptic themes marry profoundly with organic, naturally occurring design architects (Needs, 2022) in Mandy Madison's design strategies.  

Vision Board - Identity, Sexuality and Transition

The Mandy Madison Persona

The Mandy Madison mystique draws heavily from Grace Jones’s work with legendary French artist and Pop-Art icon Jean-Paul Goude (Classic Pop, 2018) to create a distinct and enduring brand persona. Goude's fixation with Grace Jones’s physicality, borne the concept of shiny black, muscular people, who he would often describe as aerodynamic in design (Allen, 2023) concepts that became the core of Grace Jones's distinctive brand persona. 

Along with manipulating photos of Grace Jones to make her look more than human, Goude used elongated shapes to trick the eye (Houssin, 2011) and Trechikoff-like color techniques, along with chiaroscuro, to catch the eye. These design strategies reveal themselves in the unnaturally elongated neck in the ‘Watch Out For Your Eyes’ Mandy Madison poster and the unusual mannequin-like torso and unnatural symmetry of the digitally enhanced Mandy Madison face  -to include the futuristic superhumeral vestments of the elven-themed armor from the cover of the Mandy Madison Brand Guide.

These design choices made by Jean-Paul Goude and Grace Jones at the beginning of her career informed the look and feel of the Grace Jones Brand throughout its long, illustrious span.  Mandy Madison’s goal was to execute an equally definitive and lasting design solution that would establish her niche and effectively set her apart from other acts in the saturated field of popular entertainment in much the same manner as Grace Jones.


Jean-Paul Goude, used Trechikoffian-esque color techniques, and chiaroscuro to imbue Grace Jones with an unmistakable super-humanization.

Above, is the 'Watch Out For Your Eyes' Poster and below is a super-humanized rendition of Mandy Madison superimposed on the Mandy Madison logo,  inspired by the Grace Jones aesthetic.  Meant to ascribe super-humanization and Omega Culture to the Mandy Madison persona. 

The Mandy Madison Custom Colors and Typography

Mandy Madison's design research revealed a parity between the design esthetic of Grace Jones and Yukihiro Takahashi. Both entertainers employed expressive typography and variegation to set their album art apart from the competition. Hue variegation techniques such as that used for the album covers of Yukihiro Takahashi (Thompson, 2021) and Grace Jones (Vintage Everyday, 2019) were critical inspirations for both the Mandy Madison brand and the Xymotic Love Tour, to create a cohesive and distinct Art Pop mood. Mandy Created the custom hue Polyclimactique for this purpose. 

The custom Mandy Madison Polyclimactique hue embodies the top three tenets of the Mandy Madison Brand. The first tenet, Transition, is evidenced in the kaleidoscopic essence of the Polyclimactique hue. The second tenet, Sexuality, is evidenced in the distinct use of naturally occurring wavelengths of the rainbow (Khourie, 2022) to create an unmistakable association to LGBTQ populations and mainstream-averse consumers, who have chosen rainbow iconography to evoke sexual identity and cultural diversity. Lastly, the third tenet, Identity, is signified in the Mandy Madison brand by a polychromatic approach to a single hue to express the nuance and complexity of identity. 

The Art of Mandy Madison Symmetry and Shape

The Mandy Madison brand design is provocative, bold, and direct, an eye-catching approach to the trending paradigm of contemporary brand marketing that has become more community-based and social media-influenced. The social media platform TikTok has an average of 800 million active users worldwide. Nearly half the users of TikTok are between 16 and 24, and 90% of all TikTok users browse the site daily (Singh, 2023). TikTok is endemic to social media platforms that rely on attention-grabbing video, animation, and graphics to attract new customers and keep current customers engaged. 

With this in mind, sage strategies were used to create distinctive shapes and objects to associate with the Mandy Madison brand. One strategy of which was to use familiar ancient symbology to surreptitiously ascribe timeless attributes, such as longevity, wisdom, and culturalization, to Mandy Madison. Many organically occurring design architects were also employed because they were memetic to human consciousness such as the radial veins and pterostigma of homopteran insects or the universal shape of a moth's wing. Refined ores and gem textural structures were also enlisted as design elements due to their symmetry and naturally occurring textures and patterns.

Techniques from Renato Cesaro's work on niche cult movie posters (Original et al., 2024) were inspiring. They allowed for out-of-the-box thinking when approaching a unique attention-grabbing hierarchy in Mandy Madison's ad campaigns.  The overstated symmetry of ancient African sculpture was a solid clue to how to mesmerize viewers with strong, bold design solutions. Observing design choices in ancient African works of art helped Mandy Madison better evaluate and select symmetry and hierarchy solutions to apply to the Mandy Madison design paradigm.  

The Mandy Madison Logo, Radical Symbolism

Research into the most enduring symbology was conducted to make the Mandy Madison logo unforgettable. The psychology of how some shapes and symbols were averse or alluring (Dockrill, 2017) to populations was examined.  

Research into The Nazi Swastika (Black, 2022), the Peace Symbol, and the Black Panther Party Logo (Cushing, 2018) influenced the Mandy Madison brand to select the somewhat equally contrite Omega Symbol Ω that embodied many well-established contemporary associations, such as mortality, the occult, philosophy and enlightenment as a starting point for the Mandy Madison logo. 

Mandy Madison refined the Omega Symbol Ω to represent the niche brand identity of Mandy Madison.  Mandy Madison appropriates the core architecture of the Omega Symbol Ω as the basis for the Mandy Madison logo to strategically convey themes of mortality, the occult, and philosophy to her underlying brand zeitgeist, which she categorizes as Omega Culture.

Mandy Madison Logo Themes

Birth of The Peace Symbol (Rosenberg, 2019).

Mandy Madison Final Logo Choices with Variations



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