Design Composition and Hierarchy

The Client Conundrum 


The Design Solution

rve as both a physical object and an impetus to erect habitual acts of reaffirmation. The iconic fragrance connoisseur Clive Christian characterizes fragrance creation as an exclusive art form (Marin, 2020). A popular theory of olfactory science that supports Mandy Madison's insistence on a fragrance line is that in nature, there are firmly engrained concepts and actions that cannot be defined by words or pictures (Verbeek, 2020). 


Tone, Voice, and Tagline

The Client Conundrum 


The Design Solution

Tutlandish or bizarrely (Jones et al., 2015) or to produce an expression, often a glint or gaze meant to be powerful enough to repel evil spirits. Elements of Kabuki can be witnessed in the Mandy Madison brand through the definitive glowering omniscience of the Mandy Madison gaze featured in a plurality of brand media.

Taglines are glimpses into the personality and flair of a brand (Sloganshub, 2023). The Mandy Madison tagline ‘Attention à vos Yeux !’ translates in English to say, watch out for your eyes, but is used colloquially, in its original French, to convey that something incredible is about to happen or appear; or in other words ‘Brace for impact’. 

Logo and Brand Merchandising

The Client Conundrum 


The Design Solution


The omega symbol also represents Ohm’s law of resistance which states that power dissipation from a resistor can be deduced from its resistance and current (Tran, 2023). Mandy Madison found the semantics of this law figuratively applicable to the brand, which aided in validating the answer to the logo problem which was the sublime combination of elements of the Vedic Suawastika with the Omega symbol Ω to represent the multilayered appeal of the Mandy Madison brand. 


Color Palette

The Client Conundrum 


The Design Solution

A parity exists between Red light and bass-centric music indicative of the Mandy Madison brand in that wavelengths of 600nm and higher are long penetrative and felt at a deeper level by the body; in the same sense that deep bass in music below 55hz are also longer and penetrate through the body. Marrying red light 650nm and above with and deep bass at 55hz and lower is an aphrodisiac for pleasure-seeking concertgoers such as Mandy Madison fans. 

Attention à vos Yeux !


Mandy Madison’s Xymotic Love tour employs meta-design architecture and micro-interactions between both tacit and intangible design elements to create a sublime multilayered design paradigm. Both light and sound are design functions key to the Mandy Madison experience. Deep red light and the deep, heavy, bass heard in Mandy Madison's music are waveforms that share long wavelengths. Red light is the most profoundly penetrative spectrum of visible light. It penetrates through the dermis deep into the epidermal layer of the skin. Bass waves pass through the body at long, slow wavelengths that create pleasurable resonance and vibration inside the body. Mandy Madison uses these meta-design elements in concert to achieve psychoacoustic homeostasis during live performances. 


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